Box Pizza Fremantle
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Fremantle Arts Centre & Private Catering

Fremantle Wood Fire Pizzas

Box Pizza Company has been making wood-fire pizza in Fremantle since 2013, using Jarrah wood and local produce to serve the best pizza we can.

You can see us at Fremantle art centre every Sunday at the music show. Follow us on Instagram to see a showcase of our pizza catering for Perth weddings and events.

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Ph: 0415509573




We offer three services, Pizza Buffet, Pizza A La Carte and Pizza Buffet & Paella.

Pizza buffet; we serve our pizzas sliced on a wooden board for the guests to come and grab a slice, or a whole pizza if they like; the patrons can also ask for specific pizza they like using our toppings. very interactive and relaxed vibe.

Pizza A La Carte; our pizzas are selected either from a menu built for the event, or according to the guests request from a list of toppings, served on individual recyclable platters.

Pizza Buffet & Paella; our Pizza Buffet selection with authentic Valencian Paella cooked on the event.

Custom Quote for over 200 patrons.


Pizza Buffet

20 People $550

30 People $650

40 People $750

50 People $850

60 People $950

70 People $1050

80 People $1150

90 People $1250

100 People $1300

120 People $1400

150 People $1600

Pizza A La carte

30 People for $800

50 people for $1100

70 people for $1400

80 People $1550

Pizza buffet & Paella

80 people $2000

100 people $2200

120 people $2400

150 people $2700

200 people $3200